Peter Uchytil

9125 SW Ivory St - Beaverton, OR 97007

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Senior User Experience Designer / Web Site/Application Developer
23 years experience in UX Design, Web Site/Application Development, and Product Marketing. Excellent analytical design skills. Diverse background with an emphasis in creative problem solving, cross-departmental communication and customer-focused, results oriented solutions. I'm a highly curious individual who gets excited about product design and developing delightful solutions for users. People shouldn't have to put up with crummy software. Whether I'm doing UX work or building applications, I want to make people's tasks effortless and engaging.

Areas of Expertise

  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Information Architecture analysis & design
  • Wireframing and prototying
  • Sketch, Figma, Framer, Axure, Omnigraffle and other related wireframing & prototyping tools
  • Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and InDesign
  • HTML, CSS (love CSS Grid!), JavaScript, jQuery
  • Communication skills, especially cross-departmental
  • Experienced working in Lean UX, Agile environments
  • Requirements gathering
  • Creative problem solving
  • User-focused solutions
  • Experience with
  • Confident with project management tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, and HipChat

Employment History

DAT Solutions — Mar. 2012–Sep. 2017

DAT is the industry leader in freight matching and rate forecasting for the trucking industry.

Senior UX Interaction Designer

I primarily worked on the company’s flagship freight matching product, DAT Power, and the highest volume product, DAT TruckersEdge. DAT Power was a new web-based product redesigned from a Windows-based product. Moving from a native client to a web application introduced many constraints which required new solutions.

Next I worked on the company’s iOS and Android freight matching products. Again, new constraints which required new designs. A lot of data needed to be shown in a small space. Since we did both iOS and Android, the designs had to be modified to feel natural on each platform.

My final project was to rebuild the low-end freight matching product using Material Design. In some ways this was the most challenging design because it had the most business constraints. Some features were brought in from higher-end products, but they had to be modified so as to not compete with the other products.

In these roles, I was responsible for conceptual design of features, helping product owners refine their vision, and wireframes and prototypes to hand off to visual design and development. Basically my job was to quickly iterate on ideas, be they mine or someone else’s, and evaluate and select the best options before we had to commit expensive development resources. In the process of evaluation, I used a variety of tools to examine ideas and communicate back to the team

Site9 - 2007–2012

Site9 was a venture-funded startup, now owned by Astound Commerce. Their product began as a content management system for e‑commerce websites and evolved into, an online, collaborative website prototyping tool targeted towards the UX Design and Information Architecture spaces. Being a startup, the team was small, so I had oversight across multiple departments.

Senior Web Developer

Used Site9‘s CMS to develop client websites which involved extensive hand-coding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Responsible for designing and maintaining the corporate websites (main site, blog, forum). This entailed hand-coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript, designing layout, graphics, forms, video and content. Produced the product tour video in-house instead of outsourcing it, saving $10,000 over two years (which equates to about 10% of Marketing’s monthly budget). Contributed various icons and graphics and CSS expertise to the ProtoShare application.

Product Marketing Manager

Responsible for strategic messaging for Duties included preforming competitive market research of the UX community, formulating pricing strategies, evaluating application usability, and providing real world customer-focused feedback (because I was using our product to do actual UX design of our websites) on product direction. Developed marketing materials including blog posts, videos, graphics, release notes, and example content for inclusion with the application. Tracked and reported on application stats. Conducted ongoing product testing, verifying user issues, and defect analysis and reporting. Developer/Administrator

Planned and managed initial roll out for the sales team. Worked with Engineering on back-end integration with using Apex for reporting on sign-up and billing functions. One highlight was using email handlers to respond to application events such as new and cancelled accounts, freeing up value Engineering resources. Developed a custom VisualForce sales dashboard using SOQL queries and HTML/JavaScript which tracked many variables regarding trials and customers, keeping everyone on the same page.

Kentrox - 1990-2007 Admin & Senior Web Developer — 2001–2006

As the primary system administrator, led a cross-departmental team of three other administrators. Was the go-to person for technical problems and research. Integrated legacy databases and did customization work where needed.

Managed multiple websites, internal, external and partner. Produced specialty marketing campaigns, including a highly regarded custom Excel-based product configurator and weekly activity newsletter for the sales team. Designed the first web-based UI for Kentrox’s router products. Did product photography for web and print.

Web Developer — 1996–2001

Developed Kentrox’s first website as a side project in 1994. Transitioned to full time management of a four person web team in 1996. During this time Kentrox launched a B-to-B eCommerce site and grew the web site from a simple product site to one including support and partner portals. Responsible for training new employees in web technologies.

Information Engineer — 1994–1996

Specialist in the Technical Publications department responsible for documenting complex network management products. Received outstanding work award for my innovate documentation solution for network management software and comprehensive 300+ page reference materials.

Software Engineer — 1990–1994

Developed network management software, specifically responsible for a middle-ware PC-based application which translated between device command-line interfaces and the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).


Washington University in St. Louis — B.S. Software Engineering, 1990


  • 23+ years experience developing websites and web applications.
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Proficient in Information Architecture, User Experience Design, and usability testing.
  • Proficient with wireframing and prototyping tools (Sketch, Figma, Axure, InVision).
  • Proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign).
  • Proficient with product management tools (Jira, Trello, Slack, HipChat).
  • Working knowledge of other prototyping tools (Framer, Principle).
  • Working knowledge of WordPress, PHP, Jekyll, mySQL.
  • Working knowledge of Google's Material Design guidelines.
  • Working knowledge of iOS and Android design and development.
  • Experience with administration and development.
  • Expert on both PC and Mac platforms.
  • Creative problem solver with an emphasis on user-focused solutions.
  • Excellent communication skills, especially bridging design, development, and marketing.
  • Very comfortable working in a cross-departmental team role.


Skills I'm current improving

  • iOS & Mac application development
  • Node JS, REST API development
  • More JavaScript, CSS (Sass specifically), and HTML