Peter Uchytil

Applying for: Salesforce: Senior UX Designer


Here are some work samples.

Salesforce Dashboard

Site9 has a subscription model for their product with a free trial component. Furthermore, they had multiple versions of pricing (v6, v7, etc.) models as they were trying to find the sweet spot. This dashboard collected a bunch of subscription and trial info together so management could see at a glance how the business was doing.

Desktop Screen Size Comparison

CodPen page

This was a super quick prototype that interactively showed the differences between the screen sizes logged from Google Analytics for a web app. This allowed the product owner to visualize the impact of supporting the extremes of the size range.

Responsive Header

CodePen page

This prototype allowed the development team to understand how the application header would respond to changing browser widths. This design was to be the basis for all future applications and the desire was to not use breakpoints. The number of navigation elements in the header could vary, so I came up with an algorithm that looked at the total space used by the elements instead of hard coding values. This gave the developers a tool that was easier to reference than static wireframes.

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